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At last you can rebuild the bike or just replace the piston on your motocross and enduro without a blank mx account! With us, the parts are cheap but with retained quality!

mx365 has ONE motto, it's as simple as clear - We give the most driving per spent pound! We also want to provide you with knowledge through several articles on motocross ownership! These are in the menu.

Why is a piston on mx365 so cheap ?!

Take the time to read - IT'S WORTH IT!
Your wallet will love it and your bike will still perform perfect :-)

What we would like to explain is why they are priced so competitive and why you should not believe that by paying more for another brand on the piston, you automatically get a better mx piston.

The price you pay is affected not only by the production costs, but also by the number of people who have handled the product before you get it.

First of all, you should know that very few motorcycle manufacturers have ever made their own pistons.

Just like tires, batteries, chains etc. they are purchased from a specialist.
In order to further complicate the matter, the piston makers do not make the piston rings! Pistons from mx365 uses either TP or Riken rings, (same as OEM).

This provides a supply chain where every person or company that manages the product makes a profit and raises the price to the final "end user" - YOU the driver!
By choosing a motocross piston from mx365, you buy the shortest delivery chain!

This is how it works:

Our motocross pistons are manufactured in 1000 batch batches (for each model) from the factory.
Under this quantity, prices increase, over this quantity, the price is reduced only marginally.
mx365 buys a thousand pistons at a very good price, you buy one piston, giving only one "intermediate hand".

We do not suffer from agency or high overhead costs, which only affects the final price to you!

... yeah, yeah - what about the quality?

But how is the quality, where are the pistons manufactured and does it matter, do you ask? Well, yes and no.

Manufacturing technology for mx pistons has not really changed over the past 30 years.
It is well known and high quality pistons can be produced anywhere in the world.

mx365 two-stroke pistons are cast and machined in Taiwan, while our four-stroke pistons are forged in Taiwan and processed in Japan.
In fact, if you do not have a large Taiwanese ingredient in the manufacturing process,the only thing that is then added is an unproportionately high production cost to the final product.

Do not forget that the cost of a (skilled) worker in Taiwan is £ 100 per week.
The same machine tools are used, nevertheless if used by $ 1000 per week of US workers or € 900 per week Italian workers.

If a product is manufactured in Asia, you should pay a lot less.
If not, yes, it's someone who earns big money on you!

Do not forget that the automotive industry today has major subcontractors in China.
Even if you drive "premium" like Audi, BMW or Mercedes, a large part of the components are licensed in Asia!

We can also take hard disks to computers as an example - 90% of all manufacturing takes place in Bangladesh.
This affected the entire world market a couple of years ago when all production broke out due to the floods there and the price went from about 30 quid to 150-200 as production ceased for several months.
Worth considering when purchasing a MacBook or HP.

Everything is about costs, think nothing else ...
Quality can be manufactured anywhere on earth, what controls the price is the labor cost.